Water absorbing soil conditioner

Introduction of water absorbing soil conditioner:

Water Crystals is cross linked anionic copolymer of acrylamide and potassium acrylate ,known as polymer.

Polyacrylamide was developed in the 1960s to help grow plants in desert climates. Polyacrylamide is 100% non-toxic and bio-degradable. After 5-7 years it will break down to CO2, water and nitrogen. It actually absorbs 400 times its weight when activated with water. As a "soil additive" or a "soil substitute" your watering requirements can be reduced up to 50%.

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Water Crystals absorb and store moisture and nutrients from rain and watering. Plant roots will grow towards the water and fertilizer stored in x Water Crystals. The roots then tap into this nutrient rich moisture source when needed. Water Crystals act like a water storage system for easy moisture management allowing you to water and fertilize less frequently.

Water Crystals are the perfect way to give new landscaping and young trees access to the moisture they need. Simply sprinkle Water Crystals in the hole before planting your new sapling or landscaping plants. Then plant as usual. They crystals will absorb the moisture and release it to the tender roots as they need it. This much needed resource gives your new plantings what they need so that the growth energy isn't wasted. This also saves you time with less frequent watering and Water Crystals improves soil aeration for maximized root growth.

The benefits of using Water crystals:

  • Reduces your watering by up to 50%.
  • Reduces evaporation form your soil.
  • Works for up to 5 years.
  • Will absorb water as well as nutrients and fertilizers and releases them to your plants as it is needed.
  • Improves soil porosity and aeration.
  • Will absorb any small rain falls and watering so water is not lost through run off.
  • Enhances plant growth and survival.
  • Protects the environment against drought and erosion.
  • Non toxic and biodegradable.