Water Crystals is cross linked anionic copolymer of acrylamide and potassium acrylate, known as polymer

Polyacrylamide was developed in the 1960s to help grow plants in desert climates. Polyacrylamide is 100% non-toxic and bio-degradable. After 5-7 years it will break down to CO2, water and nitrogen. It actually absorbs 400 times its weight when activated with water. As a "soil additive" or a "soil substitute" your watering requirements can be reduced up to 50%.

•  It is used in the disposable diapers that can absorb a large amount of water, which helps the baby stay dry for more time. The chemical used in the diapers is mostly sodium polyacrylate.

•  For femine hyigien paper industry.

Super Absorbent Polymer for Power & Communication cable applications.

Direct application into the braided shielding or the conductor areas of power and communication cables.

Colored ball to decorate the vases or using your imagination to decorate your wonderful life. Or as the fragrance carrier to keep the fragrance with its wonderful appearance.